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our factory pictureInno molding is a high quality plastic mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China since 1996, specializing in various plastic molds and injection molded products for automotive, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipment, and industrial products, our factory covers about a 3,500 square meters of mold tooling shop, grouped with a 120-employee of high-skilled mold toolmakers, designers, QC, and project managers. we make high quality mold in accordance with  DME, HASCO, HEB,STRACK, and OPITZ standards. At present, our mold capacity is 50~60 sets per month.

Our project managers have rich experience in product design and development . It's our big advantage that our sales managers(project managers) used to work as product designers and manufacturing engineers, they deeply understand the whole process of product development and manufacturing, which make us fully understand what exactly customer needed, how each process should be achieved, so we can completely work align with clients.

We provide weekly project status for customers to track. To let customer to have a controlable monitor towards their project, we provide very detailed project status including project cost, timeline, milestones. So that our customer can clearly see how their project is going on, in this way, our customer can totally control the project scchedule or risk, This is what other Chinese  mold companies never do ....Read More

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The Status of Mold Industry

Everybody knows that China is the worldwide factory which manufactures most of commodity using in the world. Certainly plastic mold is an essential industry for many products. So here we would like to discuss some points about China mold manufacturing industry. How Chinese mold industry begins? Since 1978 Chinese economy reformed and opened the door to …




12 Tips of Mold Design

Plastic mold design is a very systematic and technical job, it requires lots of experience and concentration, as well as comprehensive knowledge about plastic injection, mold design principle, and plastic material characteristics. A good mold design will help save time and cost, here below we will share some our experience on how to design a …