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our factory pictureInno Molding is an innovative custom plastic injection molding manufacturer in Shenzhen China since 1996.

Our strength is to make super quality plastic mould tooling in accordance with DME, Hasco, and Misumi mold standard, as well as precision injection molding services at our molding factory in house.

As a pioneer injection molding supplier in Shenzhen China, our boss Mr. Zhang has over 30 years of experience in mold making and plastic industry, who was honored as senior mold expert by Shenzhen government in 2008, which make us much competitive than other Chinese mold makers. Our clients includes some famous world leading companies, like Apple, GE, Canon, Philip, etc.

Meanwhile, our high-skilled engineering team is capable of providing clients one stop product development services including product design, prototyping, engineering, and full product manufacturing.   ...Read More

 We offer high quality plastic mold and injection molding services with competitive cost.

We are able to design, engineer, and manufacture your products directly.

 We keep customer information and IP top confidential.


Quality Control


quality control for injection molding We perform systematic analysis for each project. Prior to initiating a project, our expert team will carry out professional analysis for mould and molded products including DFM, Mold flow, Filling, Cooling, and Warpage, so as to proactively foresee any potential defect and keep project risk-free.

 Full dimension inspection for all of the mold components. To ensure every mold component and accessories are accurately manufactured, our mould QC perform a full dimension inspection for all of them.

 A critical specification list will be prepared and monitored by our project manager throughout any project. It is to ensure that we are making the accurate mold & molded product to meet customer’s critical requirement.

 When final sample is ready, we perform a dimensional, cosmetic, and functional inspection for plastic mold & product qualification. Our QC team provides detail inspection report of  mould and products for customer to review.

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