9 Factors That Affect Injection Molding Manufacturing Cost

It’s a common topic for those people who involved in plastic industry want to know the injection molding cost, especially for engineers, business runners, and sourcing guys, since they need the molding cost for their product manufacturing. As we know, the molding cost will vary a lot for different molding condition, here below we would like share some knowledge on what factors will affect the injection molding manufacturing cost.

injection molding manufacturing

  1. Part material

There are a lots of injection molding material, like PC, ABS, PA,PS, PP, POM, PMMA, PPO, PSU, etc. They are used for different purpose of function as well as different products. Meanwhile their prices are totally different for those material made by different material supplier and different manufacturing cost. When we choose a material for your product, we should always choose the proper molding material as cheaper as possible, so as to save your injection molding cost.

  1. Product Weight

Part weight combines the product volume and material. The heavy product weight the higher cost will result in. When we design a plastic product, we should always make your product as simple as possible. And avoid some unnecessary design structure which might add the product weight. For example, try to make the features thinner than wall. Or choose a lighter plastic material.

  1. Molding Process

As we know, there are different types of molding processes that used in plastic manufacturing industry. We use normal molding process for most of plastic products like housing, cover, shelf, handles. But for some toy, medical, customer products that used more than one kind of material on one parts will need overmolding. Perhaps the overmolding product looking much better, but the cost is more expensive than normal molded product. On the other hand, the manufacturing efficiency will directly affect our cost. When the mold design process, we should always consider the molding efficiency, and use automatic ejection device, instead of manual to take off the plastic products from injection molding. If possible, we should use a automation robot for molding process. So that we can save the lobar cost

  1. Molding Cycle time

When injection molding process, the cycle time is a overall time to complete a whole cycle of plastic product. The injection molding process includes mold clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection. According different type of product, the molding technician would have to adjust the injection force, injection time, and cooling time when molding production.

  1. Part Complexity

It’s easy to understand that the easier product will be easier for manufacturing, as well their manufacturing cost will be much low. For example, a simple plate with wide tolerance zone, it will be much easier to produce compared to complex product that comes with sliders, inner clips, overmolding structure, etc.

  1. Injection Molding Manufacturing quantity

If you are trying to get a quote from your molding supplier, you should firstly tell them on your molding quantity in annual and total version. As your order quantity will directly affect the manufacturing. Commonly, the more your order quantity is, the cheaper price you will get. Meanwhile, you should always tell the truth instead of lying to your molding manufacturer, otherwise they might arise the price in future if your order quantity is less than initial offer.

  1. Tolerance and overall requirement

The tolerance definition will affect the manufacturing difficulty directly, the tighter tolerance your product gives, the higher manufacturing cost will be needed. So we should always define the tolerance as larger as possible while the product caters the function and application. When you give the 2D drawing to your molding suppliers, you should double check the tolerance. So they will give you best quotation.

  1. Manufacturing Country

Molded product is widely used in world. But compared to US and European countries, Asian countries(like, China, Vietnam, India) have much cheaper lobar cost and facility running cost. Definitely those Asian countries have good advantage on injection molding product. If you are sourcing a plastic products to be manufactured, we strongly recommend you consider Asian countries.

  1. Find a smaller injection molding company

Finally you should find a proper size injection molding company, as the bigger molding companies come with high running cost. Needless to say, the big molding manufacturers will quote you higher cost. As soon as the suppliers can give you quality products and stable supply capability, you should always choose a smaller plastic injection molding company to cooperate. It will help you save lots of manufacturing cost.


All the above mentioned is our actually experience how you should consider for your molding products. We hope this article is helpful for you. Once you still have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact Inno Molding team, we will always here in China to help you.