A glance of Chinese Mold Manufacturers

Nowadays making a plastic injection mold in China is a best choice for many companies, as Chinese mold makers really provide valuable services and quality molds to their clients. If you are going to manufacture your products in China while you have no experience in working with a Chinese plastic mold supplier or injection molding suppliers. Here is a big chance to learn some basic knowledge on it. And we would like to talk about some useful experience to help you out.

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The reality of Chinese mold suppliers

As you know, there are totally over 10,000 plastic injection mold companies in China, their size might ranges from few people to thousand of people, those mold factories are mainly located in Southern China(like Shenzhen, Donguang, Guangzhou) and Eastern China(Zhejiang, Shanghai,Fujian province). Talk to their quality and cost, if you have any experience in working with those Chinese mold manufacturers, I think you must have a feeling that mold suppliers in Southern China provide much higher quality molds and molded parts than suppliers in Eastern China. For example, Shenzhen and Donguang mold factories really provide very good mold quality and reliable services. However the mold manufacturers in Eastern China acts much worse job. The only thing their can do is to attract customers with low price strategy but terrible worse quality. Do you know why and how their price is much cheaper? Since they use very bad quality of steel. The steel is very soft and easy to get rusty. You should know the soft steel is just like aluminum material, it’s easy for machine, however it’s not durable for large a number of shot. Normally their mold life is only few thousands. What if you get a bad quality mold in your country while you do business with those suppliers? I can say you will get big trouble and lose your money. If you really want a high quality plastic mold and plastic parts, I strongly recommend you should find a mold supplier in Shenzhen or Dongguang.

On the other hand, among the numberous Chinese mold companies, there are numberous trading companies who conceal their identity, so it’s very hard for foreign companies to recognize who they are dealing with. There is a funny store goes that those trading companies make a piece of fake company broad to show on their cooperative mold factories while a foreign clients visit the factory, and resume the company name again when the clients left. If you are planning to visit a China mold manufacturer, you should investigate a lots of thing, otherwise you will take big risk.

Why choose a Chinese plastic mold manufacturer?

Making a plastic mold in China becomes a popular topic in the world, because Chinese molding manufacturer really have unbeatable competitive strength that any other countries can never achieve. The most important reason is price, since China has the low cost manufacturing system including labor, facility, and supply chain. Chinese is famous for the world factory for a long time. Making a mold in China is at least 40% cheaper than in US or Europe while the equal quality. Perhaps you might be curious that why other poor countries can not replace the role of Chinese manufacturer, like Indian, Vietnam, and Philippines. Yes, those countries right now do have lower labor cost than China does, however the infrastructure, worker ability, and supply chain is still at very low level. And their mold making capability are much worse than Chinese mold makers. Certainly it’s not a proper choice for many foreign companies.

How to find a Chinese injection mold company?

If you want to find a good Chinese mold manufacturer, you should take serous investigation on them. If possible, you should visit their mold factories in person. So that you will really know who you will dealing with, and how their capability is. And make a systematic information list and evaluate it carefully before you start business with them. Here below are some important tips.


  • Company Address—Require a detail factory address, so as to visit them in future.
  • Number of employee—The number of employee determines the mold size and level.
  • Annual Sales Performance—Knowing about their annual performance is important for their overall capability
  • Customer References – Ask for reference customer, so that you will not take your money on high risk.
  • Certificate – Ask if the factory is approved with ISO and other quality system.
  • Reference Sample—Check with a similar products from the factory, if they have experience before, you can low down your project risk.

Here above are some basic idea about Chinese mold manufacturers, as well as how to work with them. If you have any other question or project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact Inno Molding team, we will be always happy to help you out.