Inno Molding is another type of mold manufacturer, integrating with product design & development, mold making, injection molding, assembly, and logistics services . It's our vision to become the leading engineering platform that help clients for one stop product development and manufacturing demands. As we creatively organized a product development team that helps clients from new product design, turnkey product development, to final product manufacturing.So that our clients can worry free on their project risk and focus on their marketing.   our factory pictureInno Molding is a high quality custom plastic mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China since1996, our factory was certificated with ISO 9001-2008 quality system, covers about a 3,500 square meters of mold making shop, grouped with a 120-employee of high-skilled mold makers, mold designers, quality team, and project managers. Up to now, our monthly capacity is up to 60 sets of moulds as our continuous increasing business from our worldwid clients, they are mainly from US,Candana, Australia, Germany, Russa, and other European countries.


Our factory is well-equipped with most advanced mold making machines, injection machines, and quality inspection equipments that were imported from German, Switzerland, and US, which enable us to work more efficiently and able to offer customers high precision products. At present, our mold shop is equipped with 5 sets of CNC, 10 sets of EDM, 18 sets of milling machine, 5 sets of slow-feeding linear cutting machine, 6 sets of grinding machines, 3 sets of Lathes, 8 sets of wire cutting machines, and 25 sets of injection machines.


Compared to other China plastic mold manufacturers, we are not only providing professional mold and molding services, but also offering one stop product development and manufacturing services, which includes product design(mechanical mainly), project management,mold making, injection molding, assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping to customer destination. So our customer can focus on their marketing.


We utilize world-leading engineering software Pro/e, UG, Master CAM, Auto CAD, and Moldflow for mold design and product design. Before each project being kicked-off, we take sysematic DFM anylysis and FMEA risk evaluation by moldflow software, it scientifically prevented lots of product developing risk to come up. If a turnkey manufacturing demands recieved, we will create 3D model, 2D detail drawing, and prototype to validate the mold structure and product structure. In these ways, we’ll bring clients accurate products they really needed while they can focus on your marketing development.


  Once you have any project to run, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free project evaluation, and you are welcome to come and see our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China. Please contact us to schedule a visit for you and your team. We look forward to working together.

>> One Stop Manufacturing Capability

We provide plastic mold making, injection molding, product design and manufacturing services in Shenzhen China

>> High Quality Products

Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our client to deliver quality products. We perform 100% quality inspection before shipping.

>> Low Cost

We strive to work for low cost manufacturing solution for each of our customers, so they will benefits from our low cost manufacturing solution.