Benefits of manufacturing in China

Benefits of manufacturing in ChinaSince 1980’s , China had been playing an important role of worldwide industry manufacturing. There is 1/3 of products in the world that are manufactured in China, it’s not hard to image how Chinese industry booms so fast.

When you get a new idea or existing products that need to become reality, needless to say, manufacturing in China is your best choice. Here below is some reasons why you it’s so.


  1. Dedicating People

Chinese people is the most diligent and smart people in the world, they really work hard toward their jobs. For most of factory and office workers, they work for more than 12 hours everyday.

Perhaps you know, India, Vietnam, Thailand are also a good manufacturing places to choose, but compared to Chinese people, whatever their attitude and abilities, they are much worse during the work, because Chinese people take strong ambition and home obligation to work hard, so as to have better life. But South Asia people (Inida, Vietnam, Thailand), they only work for a bottle of bear, nothing to purse.


  1. Quick turnout

When you send a manufacturing inquiry to Chinese suppliers, they will respond you quickly than you expected. A swift quotation will be sent to you in hours. Then you can choose some potential partners to talk in details. Since China has matured industry basement and skilled people, you can get anything manufactured in a very short time. It’s really amazing for Western business people.


  1. Lower Manufacturing Costs

You know, China has 1.4 billion in total that is the No. 1 population in the world. For the past 40 years, even now, China has the most numerous and cheap lobar. Needless to say, it’s a big advantage for industry. This is why made-in-china is becoming so popular and irreplaceable. Even though, the lobar cost is increasing a lot, but it’s still cheaper than American and European.


  1. Matured Supply Chain

After 40 years of development in manufacturing industry, China owns the most factories in the world. You can manufacture and source any products you needed. It’s very convenient if you are going to develop a new products or mass production. Chinese factories would act for their incredible efficiency and speed. As soon as your order and production lines are set up, the manufacturing process can last forever and you never afford to waste hours.


  1. Worldwide Shipping

Whatever you are in Western and Eastern, it’s very convenient to get any items shipped from your China partners. Normally it takes 2~3 days to receive your products from China to USA, and 3~4 days to get the product from China to Euorpe. Sometimes it’s even shorter.


All in one, the above mentioned reasons are why you have to get your product manufactured in China. When you get a new project or existing brand to manufacture, we will always recommend you should find a Chinese manufacturer. Just do it earlier and benefit your business earlier