How to Calculate The Injection Mold Cost

The cost of injection mold is a sensitive topic for many of us. Especially for business runner, product designer, and sourcing guys. Meanwhile the mold cost vary a lot if you get it produced at different manufacturer or different manufacturing area in the world. Therefore we would like to discuss how mold manufacturers normally calculate the mold cost.

The injection mold cost calculationThe following elements that affect the mold cost:

Mold size: the part size and number of cavity determines the mold size, the large mold size, the more mold cost will be. For example, the cost of small size mold is about $2,000 made in China(approximate mold size is 250x250x200mm), the middle size mold cost is about $40,00(approximate mold size is 600x650x500mm), the large mold cost is at least $10,000(approximate mold size is1000x1200x800mm)

Mold material: The mold material cost takes about 20%~30% of total mold cost,The more mold material spend, the high mold cost will be. Normally the high quality mold steel is about two time expensive than normal mold steel. Like NAK80, H13, S136,718H, 8407, 2379, on the other hand, the mold base is another essential mold material, in China, we use LKM, DME, Hasco for modl manufacturing. If some other mold base, the cost will be much lower.

Machining process: It occupy 30%~50% of total mold cost. As we know, the more precision machining process you take, the high mold cost you will get. The normal machining process is like milling machining, drilling machining, Leather machining. But CNC machining, slow-wire cutting, linear EDM, metal engraving are much expensive, as the machine itself is expensive, and the manufacturing process take longer

Number of cavity: The mold cavity costs about 5%~8% of toal most cost. When design a mold, the more cavity you design, the more mold material and mold size it will require.

Mold Life: the mold life means number of shot you will have for injection molding process. The high mold life, the expensive mold cost it will be, since we need to prepare higher quality of mold steel and other mold accessories.

Sliders: The more slider you use, the high mold cost will be. Normally we calculate the mold cost for $500/cylinder slider. So we should try to avoid slider to happen when plastic part design as well as mold design.

Mold Design and mold trail: it cost about 10%~15% cost of total mold cost for mold design and trial. For some simple mold, it take only few hours to complete the mold design job, but if a complex mold, it might take about few days, even longer. The same thing for mold trial. Normally the mold cost is about $500/time, but mold trial cost is often included in the mold quotation when you get a offer from your mold manufacturers.

VAT and profits

It takes 17% of extra cost for VAT when you get your injection mold manufactured in China, and a reasonable profit is about 10%~15%. These costs are included in the mold quotation.

4 Common Plastic Parts Assembly Methods

It’s a common sense that any of product is made from lots of parts or components, which can be divided into plastic, metal, and electronics. Of course, meanwhile plastic parts is the most essential component for nearly any of products. Therefore we would like to discuss the method of plastic parts assembly. If you are a plastic or molding industry related person, I think it will be helpful for you to understand how you can assemble a plastic part.

Picture of plastic parts assemblyMechanical assembly

Mechanical assembly is the most common and economical process to assemble plastic parts. As well it will be operated in a high efficiency. This is why it’s widely used in many industries. On the other hand, mechanical assembly is natural and environment-protective process compared to adhesive bonding.


According to our investigation, there are 60% products in the world that used screw fastening process. Since screw fasten is steady, adjustable, and recyclable when assembly a product. This is why you can see many factory pictures that shows their operators assemble products using screw. If you design a screw hole on a plastic part, you must make the hole diameter 1/4 smaller than the screw. Otherwise there will be an uneven screwing problem to happen.

Tight Fitting

Tight Fitting mean two features with protrusion and outstanding structure to match together, like holes and bosses, windows and inserts. The most important element for tight fitting is the clearance that how much two parts mesh together. If it’s too tight, that will be hard to assemble in. but it’s too loose, the two parts would not match together. So it requires the product designer have very rich experience and define the fitting tolerance appropriately.


Snap fits normally happens between clips and holes, covers and housings. It particularly requires a back-stop feature to fasten two features together. This is the most easy assembly process for workers to operate. But the risk of snap-fits is the failure of clips that might break. Normally snap fit is used for some small structures that requires less torque or strength. For example, mouse, PC frame, monitors, etc.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a quick, efficient, green to environment assembly process, it’s very popular assembly process to get two plastic parts assembled, it uses a high frequency vibrations waves to apply onto two parts by a vibrating device, then a part of material from one part will be melted and welded onto another part.  After few seconds, the melted material will be solidified bond the parts tightly.

When design a ultrasonic welding process, there is at least one ultrasonic welding line needed, which will be used to melt to other part. The weight and high of the welding line depends on melting material, structure, and use environment.

Metal Molded Fastening

When use necessary, the designer might use a metal part to mold into a plastic part when plastic injection molding process. This is to enhance the strength of plastic parts while the part works. Normally, we combine metal screw, metal sheet, bearing, support bar, and metal shaft for onto a plastic parts. But the efficiency of metal molded fastening is low, since it takes time to insert metal on a plastic injection mold when injection molding process. Certainly the cost of metal molded parts is a little bit high.

Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive bonding used for two materials are not compatible  or a permanent assembly requireemnt is needed, normally it happens between two plastic parts, metal and plastic part. It’s very quick assembly process, but one big disadvantage of adhesive bonding is contaminating, even some kind of glue is poisoning to our body. Therefore less and less process use adhesive bonding.


The above mentioned methods is the most common plastic assembly process, we hope it’s helpful for you. Once you still have any question or plastic project to run, please just feel free to contact Inno Molding company for help. and we will give you professional assistance.

How to develop a new product?

Picture of product development and manufacturingIn today’s business environment, market competition becomes more and more tough. This competition  drives us to develop newer, innovative, and profitable products. But developing a new product is quite complex process and few of us knows how to develop a new product. This is why we would like to share our product development and manufacturing experience as below, hope it’s helpful for you.

1. Come up with an innovative idea

If you are going to develop a new product, you should come up with an innovative idea that resolve a certain kind of social problem or solve your target user’s problem. This is how your product will exist on the market. and think over who are the end users, what is your product functions? how does the product look like?

2. Evaluate the feasibility of your product

As soon as you have a good design idea, you can find a professional product development company or manufacturing company to evaluate the feasibility of your product. Because sometimes your idea might exist on the market and you have not realized the competitors. On the other hand, your idea might not be available to develop or manufacture. In this way, you will have a clear prospective on your idea.

3. Identify the marketability and competition

If your product idea is feasible under a professional evaluation, it’s the time to consider the marketability and competition. Because any new product development is desired for a good market acceptance. Otherwise it does n’t make any sense to process a new product. Meanwhile you should learn more about from your main competitors in the market. try to absorb the product advantages from them and combine it onto your product properties. So that your product will be the best product in the market.

4. Design and Develop your product

Product design and development is one of the most important stage for new product development. During the product design process, all of product functionality, overall shape, size, and color will be defined. Normally the product designer will create 3 models, 2D drawings, as well as BOM to formulate the product property, so as to manufacture the product accurately from original design idea.

5. Manufacture your product

After the product design is optimized and finalized, we should prepare 3D/2D drawing, BOM to convert the design into real product. A product can normally divided into three kind of components as electronics, plastic parts, and metal parts. at this stage, a plastic mold manufacturing, injection molding, and CNC machined parts are most needed components. To save your manufacturing cost, many Western companies would like to find a Chinese manufacturer as their supplier. Especially for mould maker and plastic injection molding manufacturers. It’s estimated that a Western company can save 40% of their manufacturing cost when they find a Chinese manufacturing supplier to cooperate. Since China has numerous manufacturers in the world and provides good quality and unbeatable prices.

6. Launch product to market

After the product is successfully manufactured, it’s time to launch to your product into market. But prior to product launching, you should have a good marketing strategy that enable your product will be well-accepted by the market. Meanwhile you should apply for a patent to protect the intellectual property right of your products. Otherwise your product might be copied by others .

The above mentioned is our experience on how to development and new product. Once you still have any question or a creative idea to develop, you are welcome to contact Inno Molding team to help. We will definitely give you professional assistance or services.

How to Make Cheap Plastic Mold

cheaper tip of plastic mold and injeciton molding soltutionWhen develop a new product, it’s an essential step to make plastic molds for plastic components. But somehow it’s really costly to produce a plastic mold, many people are thinking the ways how to make cheap plastic molds for their project. Here below we would share some experience to make cheap plastic molds or make your plastic mold cheaper

  1. Make a prototyping mold

Some of us might not need a high quality mold for some trial project, it’s a good idea to make a prototyping mold, which could be 1/4 cheaper than a normal steel mold. Since the prototyping molds are mostly made with aluminum or soft steel that much easier for machining and mold manufacturing process. Certainly it will save both cost and time to build a prototyping mold. Just one thing to highlighted is that the mold life is only about few thousand shots, much less use-life compared to a normal steel mold.

  1. Set up a wide tolerance for your products

As we know, the tighter tolerance product comes from precision mold tooling. Surely the mold manufacturing cost will be much higher than ordinary product. If you want to reduce your mold manufacturing cost, We advise to set the tolerance as larger as possible as long as plastic part can meet the function of your product. Since the larger tolerance is easy for mold manufacturing and cost-saving.

  1. Find a proper mold manufacturer 

The larger factory runs with higher running cost. This is why the large mould companies always quotes higher price. So does for injection molding manufacturers. As long as you can keep the quality under control, you should always find a appropriate scale of supplier to cooperate, in this way, you would save lots of money for mold manufacturing.

     4. Let your mold supplier know the mold life

When you are trying to get quotes from your injection mould suppliers, you should keep them aware of the mold requirement for further injection molding production. Since the mold quotation will vary a lot from different requirements. Like your mold life, number of cavities, and mold material. Please leave the limitation as larger as possible, so as to get lower plastic mold and injection molding price.

     5. Make a simple part design

When design a plastic parts, you should try to make your design as simple as possible, as long as the design can cater your product demands. You should always consider simplify your part structure, and avoid to result in complex manufacturing process for plastic mold making and injection molding. Like try to save sliders, large mold size, complex part structure, or unusual textures. etc

     6. Use compatible parts for your products

Whatever how great your design is, you should always refine your product design to make your manufacturing cost lower. If any possibility, try to design your products with compatible parts or components. In this way, it will save you lots of money for plastic mold manufacturing and injection molding parts.

All in one word, when you come up with a project, you should always control your mold manufacturing cost under your budget while the quality and timing are controllable. So that your will have good advantage on your product cost and beat your competitors in the market. Once you have any other question or mold tooling project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact Inno Molding team to help, and we will definitely provide you professional helps and services.

9 Factors That Affect Injection Molding Manufacturing Cost

It’s a common topic for those people who involved in plastic industry want to know the injection molding cost, especially for engineers, business runners, and sourcing guys, since they need the molding cost for their product manufacturing. As we know, the molding cost will vary a lot for different molding condition, here below we would like share some knowledge on what factors will affect the injection molding manufacturing cost.

injection molding manufacturing

  1. Part material

There are a lots of injection molding material, like PC, ABS, PA,PS, PP, POM, PMMA, PPO, PSU, etc. They are used for different purpose of function as well as different products. Meanwhile their prices are totally different for those material made by different material supplier and different manufacturing cost. When we choose a material for your product, we should always choose the proper molding material as cheaper as possible, so as to save your injection molding cost.

  1. Product Weight

Part weight combines the product volume and material. The heavy product weight the higher cost will result in. When we design a plastic product, we should always make your product as simple as possible. And avoid some unnecessary design structure which might add the product weight. For example, try to make the features thinner than wall. Or choose a lighter plastic material.

  1. Molding Process

As we know, there are different types of molding processes that used in plastic manufacturing industry. We use normal molding process for most of plastic products like housing, cover, shelf, handles. But for some toy, medical, customer products that used more than one kind of material on one parts will need overmolding. Perhaps the overmolding product looking much better, but the cost is more expensive than normal molded product. On the other hand, the manufacturing efficiency will directly affect our cost. When the mold design process, we should always consider the molding efficiency, and use automatic ejection device, instead of manual to take off the plastic products from injection molding. If possible, we should use a automation robot for molding process. So that we can save the lobar cost

  1. Molding Cycle time

When injection molding process, the cycle time is a overall time to complete a whole cycle of plastic product. The injection molding process includes mold clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection. According different type of product, the molding technician would have to adjust the injection force, injection time, and cooling time when molding production.

  1. Part Complexity

It’s easy to understand that the easier product will be easier for manufacturing, as well their manufacturing cost will be much low. For example, a simple plate with wide tolerance zone, it will be much easier to produce compared to complex product that comes with sliders, inner clips, overmolding structure, etc.

  1. Injection Molding Manufacturing quantity

If you are trying to get a quote from your molding supplier, you should firstly tell them on your molding quantity in annual and total version. As your order quantity will directly affect the manufacturing. Commonly, the more your order quantity is, the cheaper price you will get. Meanwhile, you should always tell the truth instead of lying to your molding manufacturer, otherwise they might arise the price in future if your order quantity is less than initial offer.

  1. Tolerance and overall requirement

The tolerance definition will affect the manufacturing difficulty directly, the tighter tolerance your product gives, the higher manufacturing cost will be needed. So we should always define the tolerance as larger as possible while the product caters the function and application. When you give the 2D drawing to your molding suppliers, you should double check the tolerance. So they will give you best quotation.

  1. Manufacturing Country

Molded product is widely used in world. But compared to US and European countries, Asian countries(like, China, Vietnam, India) have much cheaper lobar cost and facility running cost. Definitely those Asian countries have good advantage on injection molding product. If you are sourcing a plastic products to be manufactured, we strongly recommend you consider Asian countries.

  1. Find a smaller injection molding company

Finally you should find a proper size injection molding company, as the bigger molding companies come with high running cost. Needless to say, the big molding manufacturers will quote you higher cost. As soon as the suppliers can give you quality products and stable supply capability, you should always choose a smaller plastic injection molding company to cooperate. It will help you save lots of manufacturing cost.


All the above mentioned is our actually experience how you should consider for your molding products. We hope this article is helpful for you. Once you still have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact Inno Molding team, we will always here in China to help you.