Everything About Plastic Injection Molding Sourcing

The injection mold cost calculationWhy have to make plastic injection mold in China?

Everyone knows it’s costly to manufacture a plastic injection mold tool, especially in European and American countries, to save the mold manufacturing cost, in early 1990, many foreign companies moved their mold making factories to Asia, like mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, etc. and you might think that why they have to make plastic injection mould in China?

Yes, Perhaps they have lots of choice to make your mold in other regions even in other Asian countries except for China, like in India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. And those countries also become more and more popular in the role of global manufacturing industry, however they are still not so matural in mold making industry compared to China, even though they do have lower cost labor and expenses, and they still have a long way to catch up Chinese mold makers. like lazy workers, poorer infrastructure, and worse mold technology, On the opposite, China has a very matured environment for plastic mold tooling making as well as injection molding, it’s estimated that China has nearly 40 years of mold and plastics industries, and accumulated lots of experienced toolmakers and technical workers. They can offer European and American quality standard mold, but with at least 40% of cost cheaper than those Western countries, like USA, Germany, France, Poland, England, etc. This is the main reason why people love to make their plastic mold tooling in China. Meanwhile China has the most matural manufacturing supply chain for full product development, and you can find anything you need conveniently and efficiently.

The reality of Chinese plastic injection mold makers

Since 1978, China had opened the door to foreign investors and started to take the role of worldwide factory. From that time, a lots of international companies moved their mold manufacturing facility to China for cost-saving purpose. This is also the biggest opportunity for Chinese people to learn mold making technology. At that time, many Chinese workers were working for some foreign mold manufacturers who had mold factories in China, this is how the original genus of Chinese mold  making technology is from.

From 1990, more and more Chinese local mold makers quit their job and started to set up their own mold factories for mold making and injection molding services. Because mold making is really a good business for them at that time.

Compared to European and American countries, China has much bigger advantage in lobar cost and other facility expense. Meanwhile Chinese plastic mold makers are very brilliant and diligent to purse their career. They can work 12~14 hours a day without monthly holiday, which is an unbeatable advantage for any other countries’ workers.

Nowadays there are totally about 10,000 plastic mold manufacturers in China, they are mainly sprayed in Southern China (Shenzhen, DongGuang, Guangzhou cities)and Eastern China(Shanghai, Zhejiang,Jiangsu provinces). And you might be wondering where to choose a proper mold supplier. Honestly to say, If you are looking for high quality mold makers, you should always go to Shenzhen or DongGuang mold makers, as they really provide very super quality mold and trustable services. However if your project doesn’t need a precision mold making, you can choose a mold manufacturer in Eastern China.

On the other hand, we have to reminder that there are 8,000 mold trading companies in China, most of time you might deal with those trading companies instead of real mold factory, as those trading companies pretend very well that just looks mold factories. Normally it is very hard to distinguish who are the traders. and you should always audit your potential partners carefully before doing business with them. Otherwise you might take your project on high risk.

How to find reliable plastic injection molding manufacturers in China?

As we just mentioned above, there are ton of plastic injection mold companies in China, some of are large scale of mold factories, and some of are only grouped with few people, even some of are mold trading companies without any facility. Most of time, foreign companies often deal with those trading companies and being charged high cost and offered poor quality products. Since those trading companies pretend to be a mold factories, and it’s quite hard for a foreign company to know their real identities.

But how can a foreign company find a reliable China mold manufacturer? Here below are some useful tips:

  • Collect Supplier Information—You can go both internet or business fair to collect some rough information from the potential plastic mold making companies, like factory name, contact number, email address, company location, etc.
  • Finding The Detail Factory Address—You should require a detail factory address, since there are so many mold trading companies in China
  • Reference Customer – Ask for few reference customers, this is a useful way to know their experience and capability in mold making industry.
  • Reference Sample—Check if they have a similar product before, in this way, you can know the mold maker’s experience and capability, it’s also to put your project at relatively lower risk.
  • Mold Making Equipment– Check if they have CNC, EMD, Wire-cutting, injection machine, and CMM inspection machines, since those machines are essential for high quality mold making.
  • Number of Employee—The number of employee determines their factory size and cost.
  • Annual Sales Performance—Knowing about their annual performance is important for their overall capability
  • Certificates – Ask if the factory is approved with any quality system, which is a practical warranty of your products.

How to manage your China injection molding companies efficiently?

After you choosing a right Chinese injection molding company, you should work out a controllable and efficient solution for future’s work. It will be quite helpful to hit your timing, quality, and cost targets. And we also would like to share some practical experience on how to work with your China injection molding manufacturers as below:

  • Quality Control –You should contract the quality agreement with your mold supplier and get the products approved on site before shipping.
  • Timing –Get a timeline from your injection molding manufacturers, and follow up it tightly
  • Efficient Communication Window –You should get efficient communication window from your mold suppliers so as to move forward your project smoothly and efficiently.
  • Requiring for a Weekly Project Status Update –You must require to obtain weekly project update from your Chinese mold factory, So that you will have a clear tracking on how and where your project is going on.
  • Milestone Meeting–While complex mold project, you should have a milestone meeting to review with your plastic mold makers, otherwise there will be lots of trouble for your project management.
  • Mark a Score for your supplier quarterly –If you are simultaneously working with different plastic injection molding companies, you should prepare a supplier evaluation list, and make a quarterly score from them based on overall satisfaction, quality, timing, interactive altitude, and capabilities.
  • Annual Audit –If the China plastic injection molding manufacturer is a vital role of your business, you should always annually audit them in person, or you can send the third party of supplier management agency to perform the annual audit. In this way, you will know the reality of your molding partner instantly which enables the stability of your plastic mold making and injection molded products.