How to Calculate The Injection Mold Cost

The cost of injection mold is a sensitive topic for many of us. Especially for business runner, product designer, and sourcing guys. Meanwhile the mold cost vary a lot if you get it produced at different manufacturer or different manufacturing area in the world. Therefore we would like to discuss how mold manufacturers normally calculate the mold cost.

The injection mold cost calculationThe following elements that affect the mold cost:

Mold size: the part size and number of cavity determines the mold size, the large mold size, the more mold cost will be. For example, the cost of small size mold is about $2,000 made in China(approximate mold size is 250x250x200mm), the middle size mold cost is about $40,00(approximate mold size is 600x650x500mm), the large mold cost is at least $10,000(approximate mold size is1000x1200x800mm)

Mold material: The mold material cost takes about 20%~30% of total mold cost,The more mold material spend, the high mold cost will be. Normally the high quality mold steel is about two time expensive than normal mold steel. Like NAK80, H13, S136,718H, 8407, 2379, on the other hand, the mold base is another essential mold material, in China, we use LKM, DME, Hasco for modl manufacturing. If some other mold base, the cost will be much lower.

Machining process: It occupy 30%~50% of total mold cost. As we know, the more precision machining process you take, the high mold cost you will get. The normal machining process is like milling machining, drilling machining, Leather machining. But CNC machining, slow-wire cutting, linear EDM, metal engraving are much expensive, as the machine itself is expensive, and the manufacturing process take longer

Number of cavity: The mold cavity costs about 5%~8% of toal most cost. When design a mold, the more cavity you design, the more mold material and mold size it will require.

Mold Life: the mold life means number of shot you will have for injection molding process. The high mold life, the expensive mold cost it will be, since we need to prepare higher quality of mold steel and other mold accessories.

Sliders: The more slider you use, the high mold cost will be. Normally we calculate the mold cost for $500/cylinder slider. So we should try to avoid slider to happen when plastic part design as well as mold design.

Mold Design and mold trail: it cost about 10%~15% cost of total mold cost for mold design and trial. For some simple mold, it take only few hours to complete the mold design job, but if a complex mold, it might take about few days, even longer. The same thing for mold trial. Normally the mold cost is about $500/time, but mold trial cost is often included in the mold quotation when you get a offer from your mold manufacturers.

VAT and profits

It takes 17% of extra cost for VAT when you get your injection mold manufactured in China, and a reasonable profit is about 10%~15%. These costs are included in the mold quotation.