How to Make Cheap Plastic Mold

cheaper tip of plastic mold and injeciton molding soltutionWhen develop a new product, it’s an essential step to make plastic molds for plastic components. But somehow it’s really costly to produce a plastic mold, many people are thinking the ways how to make cheap plastic molds for their project. Here below we would share some experience to make cheap plastic molds or make your plastic mold cheaper

  1. Make a prototyping mold

Some of us might not need a high quality mold for some trial project, it’s a good idea to make a prototyping mold, which could be 1/4 cheaper than a normal steel mold. Since the prototyping molds are mostly made with aluminum or soft steel that much easier for machining and mold manufacturing process. Certainly it will save both cost and time to build a prototyping mold. Just one thing to highlighted is that the mold life is only about few thousand shots, much less use-life compared to a normal steel mold.

  1. Set up a wide tolerance for your products

As we know, the tighter tolerance product comes from precision mold tooling. Surely the mold manufacturing cost will be much higher than ordinary product. If you want to reduce your mold manufacturing cost, We advise to set the tolerance as larger as possible as long as plastic part can meet the function of your product. Since the larger tolerance is easy for mold manufacturing and cost-saving.

  1. Find a proper mold manufacturer 

The larger factory runs with higher running cost. This is why the large mould companies always quotes higher price. So does for injection molding manufacturers. As long as you can keep the quality under control, you should always find a appropriate scale of supplier to cooperate, in this way, you would save lots of money for mold manufacturing.

     4. Let your mold supplier know the mold life

When you are trying to get quotes from your injection mould suppliers, you should keep them aware of the mold requirement for further injection molding production. Since the mold quotation will vary a lot from different requirements. Like your mold life, number of cavities, and mold material. Please leave the limitation as larger as possible, so as to get lower plastic mold and injection molding price.

     5. Make a simple part design

When design a plastic parts, you should try to make your design as simple as possible, as long as the design can cater your product demands. You should always consider simplify your part structure, and avoid to result in complex manufacturing process for plastic mold making and injection molding. Like try to save sliders, large mold size, complex part structure, or unusual textures. etc

     6. Use compatible parts for your products

Whatever how great your design is, you should always refine your product design to make your manufacturing cost lower. If any possibility, try to design your products with compatible parts or components. In this way, it will save you lots of money for plastic mold manufacturing and injection molding parts.

All in one word, when you come up with a project, you should always control your mold manufacturing cost under your budget while the quality and timing are controllable. So that your will have good advantage on your product cost and beat your competitors in the market. Once you have any other question or mold tooling project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact Inno Molding team to help, and we will definitely provide you professional helps and services.