Plastic Parts

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Plastic parts is a basic component for most of commodity, nowadays 90% of products is consist of plastic parts, it become very very common when you start to develop a new products. So it seems so important to find a good supplier for your plastic part manufacturing. Meanwhile you should pay more attention on how to control the quality of your plastic parts.

How to really control the quality of your plastic parts?

I have more than 20 years experience in working with plastic parts and plastic mold, personally I can share some vital experience on how to do it.

1). Dimensional Control

When you get your plastic parts from your supplier, you should check the dimension at first time. because of based on your design, you must have some critical dimension or normal assembly dimension which should be made accurately to match other components of your products, if these dimension made incorrectly, you can never fit it right or properly.

2). Cosmetic Control

Since plastic parts is soft and easy to scratch when manufacturing and transportation, you should always check the appearances before the parts is used. normally you may find sink marks, deformation, scratch, or flash on it. these defects can never be accepted when product assembly

2). Assembly Testing

It’s most simply way to have a quick check of your plastic parts by assembling the parts to other components. and you can find out if the structure and dimension of the parts are correctly produced, if not, you should check with your design drawing which describe clearly on the structure and dimension.