Plastic Injection Molding Quality Standards

cheaper tip of plastic mold and injeciton molding soltutionIf you are engaged in plastic injection molding business or job, you must have some basic quality idea on how to control the quality of injection molded products. Otherwise you might get trouble for your final products later. Therefore we would like to share some useful skills as below.

Visual Inspection
When you get the molded parts from injection machine, you should check the appearance immediately by eyes. (some of defects should be identified by measurement tools). Here below are some common injection molding defects that will happen with your products.

  • Flash
  • Deformation
  • Sink marks
  • Flowing marks
  • Short shots
  • Welding line
  • Burn marks
  • Warping

Even thought the above mentioned are some common defects, however if you get a good mold manufacturing, you can prevent them also. So this is really depends the mold tooling, material, and injection molding parameters.

Dimensional control

Most of time, we will encourage our clients to release us 2D drawing with tolerance, material, and other specification defined, so that the manufacturing system will be able to follow and meet those specifications. Otherwise you will never know how your plastic parts and final products will be.

Of course, those dimensions should be measured with accurate measurement tools, like CMM, projector, calipers, pin gauge, etc. and collect the inspected data on a sheet for final assessment.

Assembly and function test

If the visual and dimensional inspection are OK, it’s time to check the assembly and function. Since this process is to check the overall results. It can avoid some critical faulty to happen.

All in one word, the quality control of injection molding process is very important to a product. We should take it serious.