Everybody knows project management is a vital engineering action through the whole project. Inno has been placing high concentration to build a efficient project management team, right now we have 5 project managers who speak fluent English, with more than 15 years of work experience in mold design, product design, and manufacturing engineering. It makes us completely work align with our clients’ steps. So our customers will never have communication barrier with us for whatever in language or engineering. Here below are what we’ve actually doing for project management.

Project Schedule

  1. Reviewing project both technical and timing, so as to work out a high efficient schedule for each project
  2. Quick response to the problem during manufacturing and solve it timely.
  3. Quick response to the Engineering Change Notice.

Quality control

  1. Communicate in details with customers so as to fully and correct understand what they wanted
  2. Manufacturing feasibility analysis
  3. Assure the high quality design (2D&3D)
  4. Strictly control manufacturing quality
  5. Strictly inspect of trial out sample
  6. Strict Inspection in dimension and specification before shipment of mould.

Engineering Control

  1. Our project manager will conduct the detailed analysis of the math data and comprehend customer’s requirement and pass to design and manufacturing department.
  2. Project manager offers professional suggestion to design dept. after comprehensive analysis of mold and injection material, remarkably enhance the design quality.
  3. Utilizing the top facilities to process the mold to reach high precision and high quality.
  4. The qualified operators will remarkably reduce any wrong practices to guarantee the quality of mold.
  5. We will hold an project review meeting with our manufacturing dept., project dept. and design dept. to work out the best mold solution
  6. Every 2D/3D design will be approved by project manager who have profound experience in mold making and injection material industry. 
  7. We will send our final mold design to our customer for review and approval.

Cost Control

  1. Project manager shall provide the optimized solution to save cost for the customers by assuring the quality of our products.
  2. Enhancing the supply chain management and monitoring the material price closely, bring benefit to customer timely.
  3. Strengthen the internal management to minimize the overhead expenses.