Product Design

Product Design & Manufacturing


  We design, engineer, and manufacture your idea

 We optimize your design, and engineer it to mass production              

Needless to say, a good product starts from good design, Inno Molding team offers sophisticated product design services from marketing design, industrial design, prototyping, and manufacturing service for global clients who are willing to develop newer and better products in the market.

Our one stop turnkey solution for product design, engineering, and manufacturing makes your project low intellectual property risk, low cost, and quick turnout. So that our customers only need to focus on marketing development. We committed to providing clients high quality, lower cost, and unique products. Here below is what we served industrials:


  Medical and beauty

  Consumer electronics

  Industrial products


Design for marketing

-How you want to brand your products?

-What about your product logo?

-What is your product competition strategy?

-How challenge your competitors product?


Product Definition and concept Design

- How will your product will be?(function, operation, customer feeling)

-  Who will be the final users?

-  How do the final users want your product to be?

-  Which environment will your product work for, any special environmental requirements?


Industrial Design

-  Overall shape, size, color, and function design for your product

-  Function achievement and structure design by 3D software.(Pro/e, Solidworks, UG)

-  Design validation through CAD software and active prototyping.

-  Material choosing and 2D specification creation

-  Material analysis, tolerance, structural, and system FMEA Analysis


Electronic Design

-  PCB Digital Circuit

-  PCB board design and prototyping

-  Software Programming

-  Ergonomic design for end user

-  Safety and quality certificate with ROHS, UL, CE, FCC


Design for Manufacturing

-  Make the design as simple as possible

-  Make the design easiest for manufacturing

-  Make the design as lowest cost as possible while production

-  Make the product as safe as we can

-  Make the product with durable usage

-  Leave the room for modification or adjustment.