The rules of working with Chinese mold manufacturers

Picture of plastic injection moldAs you know, there is ton of mold business organization in China. They might be factories, traders, or sourcing agencies. Their size ranges from few people to hundred workers. Certainly they comes with totally different cost, the larger manufacturer, the higher cost they would offer. On the other hand, quality is another critical concern for all of those who are looking for a mold manufacturer in China. Definitely to say, the large size manufacturers run with high quality system. Since they put quality high priority instead of others.

But how to find a suitable mold manufacturer for your business? I think this a hard job for most of foreign businessmen who wanted to source a Chinese mold factory to produce their product. Here below I can share some important rules for your reference as below:


Step 1: Based on your business you need to figure out what level of mold manufacturers you would like to work for. If your products requires high quality, standard operation system, and large facility. Then you have to find a middle-larger factories. If not, you have should find a smaller one with less people, cheaper cost, and easier communication.

Step 2: Sourcing the potential mold suppliers from search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) B2B platform, or mouth-word( people around you to share). and list a matrix information on the manufacturer’s size, location, contact information, people, and cost.

Step 3: Based on the matrix information you listed, you have to sort out top 5 mold manufacturers you expected to know more about them. And make an appointment with them to have a factory visit in person.

Step 4: Once a mold manufacturer is chosen, you need to create a comprehensive NDA agreement to protect your IP, as well draft a comprehensive OEM agreement. Ensure the agreement includes clarity on payment terms, penalties for non-compliance.

The document should explain in minute detail every aspect of the order at hand from raw materials, production and delivery times, logistics, quantities, defect allowances, quality standards, production details and final product expectations, and protect from any quality control regimes and standards and every other possible positive or negative contingency.

Step 5: Require the mold manufacturer you chosen for a quality control plan and weekly project update, it can strongly shorten the lead-time and control the risk of project faulty.

Step 6: Let your manufacturer to provide you a main communication window, normally we call them project managers or salesmen, who speak at least good English without any barriers.


After you followed the rules mentioned above , you could avoid 90% of business risk of working with a Chinese mold manufacturer. If you still have any other question, Inno Molding team can help you freely.