The Status of Mold Industry

Everybody knows that China is the worldwide factory which manufactures most of commodity using in the world. Certainly plastic mold is an essential industry for many products. So here we would like to discuss some points about China mold manufacturing industry.

How Chinese mold industry begins?

mold manufacturing statusSince 1978 Chinese economy reformed and opened the door to the world, Chinese government released lots of policy to attract foreign companies to run factory or business in China mainland. At the very early stage, relative to say, plastic injection mold technology was an advanced invention in China. It really can help business people to earn good money since mold industry is high profit business. Especially Taiwan and Hongkong people started OEM manufacturing business earlier than other Chinese mainland people, since they take good advantage of language at that time , few of Chinese mainland people speak English. This is how Taiwan and Hongkong people took orders from oversea(USA, European, Japan…) and set up their own factories in China

Where are mainly the Chinese mold manufacturers located?

Whatever in the past 40 years or the time being, Chinese mold manufacturers are mainly sprayed in the Southern China and North-Eastern China, those provinces are GuangDong, Fujiang,Shahai, Jiansu, and Zhejiang. You know China had the population and land advantage, this is how China takes manufacturing industry from others advanced countries in the world.

If you had even worked with Chinese plastic mold manufacturers, you may feel Gondguang(Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguang)provide much higher quality other Chinese manufacturers outside these regions. Perhaps you know, the mold manufacturers in Zhejiang province can really offer you low cost services, but they produce less quality products.

When you start with a new project and wanted to source a low mold manufacturing in China, personally I suggest you should try Shenzhen or DongGuang mold manufacturers, they have strong mold manufacturing background and always provide high quality products, meanwhile they are honest to clients instead of other mold manufacturers.

Once you have any problem in finding a Chinese mold manufacturer or get any project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact Innomolding company to help.

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