Why is prototyping important step in design process

prototyping engineeringPrototyping is a physical simulation of a system or product when product design or development stage, which help engineering people or investors to evaluate their design. It’s commonly used to identify and rework the desired product until the final system is sealed. A successful prototype will avoid your design fault, make your manufacturing cost down, and reduce your project risk. Since it’s so necessary and important to us, we would like to discuss its advantage in details as below:


Design Validation

When you start with a new product design, you will not be able to confirm if your design works or not until the final product is ready. But prototype can play the role of foreseeing any project risk, like conceptual feasibility, functional, and structural details. In this way, you don’t need to wait for real molded parts to evaluate your design. Otherwise you might loose lots of money to prepare unnecessary components or parts.


Design Optimization


After the prototype is ready, you may have the change to evaluate your system or product very quickly, and you should always write down and design defects or faulty that should be fixed or amended that can be reviewed and followed up again when next round of prototype or real components. It help engineering people better identify any potential risk and get it resolved.


Saving cost for mold modification


On opposite, if you don’t prepare the prototype and move your design directly forward to mold making stage, it must get a big risk of possibility that your molded parts would not meet your design requirement, even your design is terrific worse. Then you have spend lots of money to get the molded parts modified. This is what I have to emphasize the importance of prototyping. I think most of big companies would follow this procedure, but for some small business runner, they may not do it right.


Show your product quickest to customers


While you are eager to attend a custom meeting or sales show, and your product development is not finalized. You can get a prototype to show your customers. This time, you might collect valuable feedback from your clients or market. By taking those advise, you can optimize your design quickly and easily.


File patents earliest


To protect your intellectual property, you might have to apply for a patent application so that others may not dare to copy your projects. It should be prepared prior to your product is launched to the market. At this time, you can take your prototype to apply for this action. So that you will keep your product always unique in the market.

a product is new enough or unique enough, patents need to be considered. It’s no use to design and manufacture a great product only to have another company start producing a remarkably similar product because the original company failed to patent key aspects of the design. On the reverse side, prototype is also a useful measure to check whether or not your design conflicts others or other companies’ patent, then look into how those conflicts can be overcome prior to mass production

All in one word, prototype is a critical engineering action when product development and manufacturing, it saves your time and cost if you do it right. Otherwise you have to pay for your faults for modifying plastic mold, injection molded parts, and other components. If you still have question or problem on prototype, you would please contact Inno Molding company, we are always here for help.