How to Budget Your Injection Mold Cost

budget for injection moldWhen we development a new project, injection mold is a essential cost. To budget a reasonable cost becomes very important. Since your budget would affect the timeline, quality, and cost of your project directly or indirectly.


You might be curious of how the budget of injection mold cost is so important. Yes, many people don’t realize it. Here below I would talk about how it’s so, as well share some tips how you should do with it.


Everybody knows that efficiency, quality, cost are the core points for manufacturing industry. So does to injection mold manufacturing. If you want to achieve high quality plastic injection molded products, you must prepare a good quality plastic mold. Otherwise it’s impossible to product quality plastic parts with consistent result. However the high quality injection mold tool always requires good mold steel, precision manufacturing process, and experienced mold makers. So it’s not realistic to source a high quality mold with low cost.


Let’s come to our topic that how you should budget your injection mold cost. From our experience, you should evaluate the total volume of your injection molding parts before you make a budget. For example, if you develop a products with goods sales and need more than 1 million injection molded parts, you should budget your mold cost with 2 times higher than normal mold tools. With this high mold cost, you can prepare a higher quality mold tooling for your future production; if you only need medium volume plastic injection parts, you just need to budget your mold cost at a middle level. And just find a medium or small size plastic injection mold die manufacturer. At opposite, if you are not sure how many your project might develop and don’t need high volume of production, we suggest you budget your mold cost at a relative lower level, then you can make cheap mold tool or trial mold. When your production goes higher, you can then make a high quality mold later, in this way, you can save lots of money for your project.


Finally there is a fixed way to budget your injection mold cost, sometimes many things will change. If you can’t make sure how you should prepare your plastic injection molding cost, you can ask Inno molding team for a help.