Mold Factory Closed for CNY Holiday

factory closed for holidayUp to now, it’s very close to Chinese New Year Holiday, many mold factories will be closed for this special holiday. It’s just like Christmas in the Western countries. It lasts for nearly two weeks( 90% of companies will close from 10th Feb~25th Feb). It’s good holiday for those mold makers, however it’s a not convenient for many companies who need goods from China during the period. Especially when you have a good sales season. If so, you must prepare your order 2 months ago and order your shipping companies 15 days in advance. Otherwise you will have problem with your Chinese molding sourcing.


If you are a new to Chinese sourcing, you must have this common knowledge for this holiday. And plan your schedule with your supplier very earlier. Perhaps you might sent RFQ to them and get slow response or no reply, but it’s a normal. Since all of Chinese workers are off during the holiday. In case you have any urgent request, you should urge them to reply you before they leave for holiday.


If you are experienced person, you should also kindly make a new year schedule and send to your Chinese mold factory before holiday. So they can prepare next early year’s production. Because even the mold makers back to their work after the holiday, they might not be good attitude towards their work, and still emerge in the holiday status.


All in one words. Just note this special holiday and avoid urgent order or request during the time. And have a good plan with your Chinese mold manufacturer in next year. Hope this information will be helpful for you. Once you still have question, you can feel free to contact Inno Molding company for help.