Complex Plastic Mold

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Why and how to find Plastic Mould Supplier:

Plastic injection mould is a fundenmental tool to manufacture plastic parts, it’s irreplaceable process when you develop a new project or produce an existing product.

It’s not easy to find a suitable plastic mould supplier, as there are too many choices around you even around the world. Honestly Finding a Chinese mould suppliers is a good choice for many Europe and US companies. However there are lots of trading companies who conceal their identity as mould factories. This is why we have to suggest you should visit the facility in person and evaluate their reliability in many different aspects. Otherwise you might put your project on high risk.


Our Plastic Mold  Specification:

Mold Manufacturing Standard: DEM,HASCO, HUSKY available

Mould Use-life:500,000-1,500,000 shots

Plastic Parts Material:  PC, ABS, PMMA, PP, POM, PP, PE, PBT, PA, PSU, TPU, TPE, TPR, silicone are available

Mold Steel Material: NAK80, 2738.2136,S7, H13, S136, 718, 2311 2344,P20,2344,2767 are available

Mould Base Supplier:Futaba, EMP,DME,Hasco,LKM mould base are available.

Hot Runner: Hasco,DME, Incoe,Ydo,Mould Master(It depends on mold design and client’s requirements)

Mould Cavity: Single or multi-cavity depending on mold design and customer’s requirement.

Why Choose Us?

Deliver what we promise: We are always honest to deliver what we promised to customers.

Full Engineering Capabilities: We offer one stop manufacturing services including mold making, injection molding, product development and contract manufacturing.

High Efficiency and Quality Products: We make at least 60 sets of molds per month with 98% customer satisfaction.

Low Cost: Our innovative manufacturing solution makes us 30% cheaper than other Chinese plastic mold manufacturers.

Looking for A Reliable Plastic Mould Supplier or injection molding company in China?

Perhaps you can find a ton of plastic mould maker and injection molding companies in China, but it’s not easy to find a suitable one for your project.  Mould making and molding sourcing should be serious, not just a simple buying. You can either find the third partner company or visit the mould supplier in China in person. Otherwise we suggest you can contact us for help.

Inno molding injection mold company is a reliable custom mold maker in China, we have more than 20 years of mould tooling making experience, we promise to provide you high efficiency and economical manufacturing services.