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Why Injection Mold Tooling ?

As we know, injection mould tooling is a necessary tool to obtain plastic parts through plastic injection molding process. It’s widely used in various kind of products, like automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and industrial products.

A plastic injection mould is made from steels, consists of many different components. but the injection mould can be mainly divided into two primary components as mould core and mould cavity. When injection molding process, the plastic injection mould is closed to form a cavity space where the raw material is injected into the mold. and cooled to create the desired plastic parts. This is how a plastic injection mould and injection molded parts perform.

About Our Injection Mould Service :

Inno molding is a professional injection mould supplier and plastic injection molding company in Shenzhen China, we specialize in various kind of plastic injection mould making and injection molding service.

Our facility combine with a mold making and injection molding services, which is convenient for clients who require for one stop manufacturing.

Moreover we have professional product development team to work with you and your team, ensuring we are helping best and create more value for you.

Our Injection Mold Specification:

Mold Manufacturing Standard: DME,HASCO, HUSKY available

Mould Use-life:500,000-1,500,000 shots

Plastic Parts Material:  PC, ABS, PMMA, PP, POM, PP, PE, PBT, PA, PSU, TPU, TPE, TPR, silicone are available

Mold Steel Material: NAK80, 2738.2136,S7, H13, S136, 718, 2311 2344,P20,2344,2767 are available

Mould Base Supplier:Futaba, EMP,DME,Hasco,LKM mould base are available.

Hot Runner: Hasco,DME, Incoe,Ydo,Mould Master(It depends on mold design and client’s requirements)

Mould Cavity: Single or multi-cavity depending on mold design and customer’s requirement.

Our People:

Number of Mold Designer:8 mold designers

Number of Mold Tooling Makers: 80 Skilled Operators

Number of Injection Molding Operators: 50 people

Number of QC inspectors: 6 QC inspectors, 2 QC engineers

Looking for A Reliable Injection Mold and Molding Company in China?

Inno molding injection mold company is a reliable custom plastic injection mould maker and molding supplier in Shenzhen China, offering precision plastic injection mold making and injection molding services, we promise to provide you high efficiency and economical manufacturing solution.