Injection Molding

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About Injection Molding:

An injection molding company offer various kindly molding services based on client’s specification. and the clients collected those molded parts and get assembled to obtain the final products.

Inno Molding is the leading plastic injection molding company in Shenzhen China, our boss Mr. Zhang has over 30 years of experience in plastic injection molding, which make us confident in providing precision plastic molded parts with super quality.

Out strength is produce complex injection molding products, as well as strong capability in troubleshooting for various uncommon molding issue. If you deal with us, you will never worry about our capability and quality.

Our Injection Molding Specifiction:

Injection Molding Parts Weight: 0.25g ~ 4.0kG

Injection molding we have: 50T ~ 850T

5 IPQC for injection molding to keep your plastic parts controlled.

Inno molding injection molding company is a reliable custom plastic molding manufacturer in Shenzhen China, we offer various kind of plastic medical parts to worldwide customers according to medical organization quality standard.

If you have any plastic injection molding parts to produce, please don’t hesitate to contact us.