Injection Moulding Service

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About injection moulding service:

Plastic parts is the most common component in each product, and injection moulding is the popular way to product plastic parts in large volume. This is why injection moulding service is widely needed in the world.

However it’s much expensive in US and Europe countries to produce plastic part, because they have high labor cost and running cost. If you want to make your project cost-down, we suggest you to find a Chinese plastic injection molding manufacturer, because, relative to say, China has big advantage in low cost of labor than those advanced countries.

The situation of injection  molding service companies:

A plastic injection molding company is also called plastic products manufacturer, providing various kindly plastic injection molded product services. Most of those injection molding companies does not have their own mould making factory in house, but outsource the mould and run injection molding services.  certainly there are million of plastic injection molding companies in China. they are mainly sprayed in southern China and Eastern China. like Shenzhen, Dongguang, Gaugnzhou, and Zhejiang.

When you are going to find a Chinese injection molding supplier, you should always visit their factory in person or send someone to audit them before doing business with them. Because there are also numberious traders that might be one person or several people work at home or apartment. So they might not be able to control the product quality well. This is why we strongly recommend you should always find a real factory to cooperate.

Inno molding is a professional plastic mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China, covers about a 3,000 square meters of mold tooling shop, equipped with 30 sets of precision injection molding, grouped with a 120-employee of high-skilled mold toolmakers. we offer various kind of plastic mold and molded products for automotive, medical,electronic, and industrial products. We strictly control our quality according customer drawing or specification with low cost.