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About overmolding and Insert Injection Molding Services:

Inno Molding is an expert injection molding company located in Shenzhen, with over 20 years of plastic mold and molding experience, we are capable of  precision plastic overmolding as well as insert molding services.

An overmolding technology can be identified as one kindly of plastic material is molded into another thermoplastic material to melt together to obtain a certain kind of plastic part. It is widely used for handles, touch bar, knobs in many different industries. Like automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, and others.

When overmolding process, there are two molding actions should be performed as well as two separated injection molds will be used. normally the overmolding consists of hard plastic and soft plastic, like PC+TPE, ABS+TPU, PP+TPE, etc. and the hard plastic portion should be molded first, then the soft plastic will be molded by the second action.

Insert injection molding is similar to overmolding, but insert molding particularly combines metal and plastic material to form an individual component.

Insert molding normally use screws, pins, metal sheets,magnet or bearings to improve assembly and mechanical properties. Our insert moulding services are high skilled with unbeatable prices, allowing us to provide clients high quality and flexible services.

If you have any overmolding or insert injection molding to run, please feel free to contact Inno Molding team for help.