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Introduction of plastic component?

As we know, plastic component is a very common part for many different product. since it’s economical, high efficient, and accurate to produce plastic parts.

Prior to manufacture a plastic component, you should have a very good design for your product. and consider everything clearly for functionality, assembly, cost, and quality. When your part design is finalized, you should have a detail 3D and 2D drawing, which defined the critical dimensions, tolerance, and other specifications that used for engineering and manufacturing.

The quality control of plastic component is also very important. Since injection molding is a complex manufacturing process that exists many potential defects. Like dimensional deviation, deformation, sink mark, welding line, flash, etc. If you don’t carefully control it, you might get lots of trouble on it.

How to find a good plastic component supplier?

When you are ready to produce your product, you can prepare 2D and 3D drawing, order quality, and BOM, to send them to your potential supplier for cost evaluation.  Once you choose a good partner, you should visit their facility in person so as to ensure those factories are really reliable. Otherwise you might take your project on risk.

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