Plastic injection mold

Project Info

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is a professional custom plastic parts and mold manufacturer in Shenzhen China, we committed to providing customer low cost manufacturing solution while keeping the products at high quality level.

Compared to other Chinese plastic injection mold suppliers, we are not only providing professional mold and molding services, but also offering one stop product development and manufacturing services, which includes product design(mechanical mainly), project management,mold making, injection molding, assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping to customer destination. So our customer can focus on their marketing. In these ways, we’ll bring clients accurate products they really needed while they can focus on your marketing development.

Mold Manufacturing Standard: DME,HASCO, HUSKY available

Mould Use-life:500,000-1,500,000 shots

Plastic Parts Material:  PC, ABS, PMMA, PP, POM, PP, PE, PBT, PA, PSU, TPU, TPE, TPR, silicone are available

Mold Steel Material: NAK80, 2738.2136,S7, H13, S136, 718, 2311 2344,P20,2344,2767 are available

About Plastic Injection Mold Sourcing:

A plastic mould supplier mainly customize mould and plastic parts for their clients. You might know, China is your first choice to make your manufacturing cost down, Nowadays more and more European and US companies look for Chinese mould supplier, as China has the most matured mould manufacturing factories in the world, and you can find both high level and economical mould suppliers in China as their running cost and facility is different, which result in different price and quality services.