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As China has the most numerous plastic injection molding companies in world. They are mainly located in Southern China and Eastern China, like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc. Those injection moulding suppliers used to work for domestic customers in China who need local and instant plastic injection moulding services. because of short distance from their customers, it’s very convenient to serve for quality and technical issues.

Along with China joined the WTO in 2008, more and more foreign enterprises invested their business in China, meanwhile the WTO is also a big challenge for most of Chinese factories as well as plastic injection moulding companies.It force some of injection molding manufacturers began to boost their business to worldwide(also called foreign trading)

When those injection moulding companies started to do foreign trading, internet is the most powerful tool for them.  Some of them really won good business by means of internet, like by Google, B2B site, and other platforms. here below are some steps how they worked:

Step 1: Get customer information and try to sell products or services to customer.

Step 2: Send quotation and invoice to customers.

Step 3: When customers placed an order, they send the project to factory to work

Step 4: Do normal communication with customers, and keep project tracked from factories.

Step 5: Shipping and project management service.

How to find a good plastic injection molding company ?

Since there are various kind of plastic injection molding manufacturers in China, it’s hard for most of foreigners to find a suitable molding suppliers. here below are some tips on how to do it right.

  1. Try to find 10~20 plastic injection molding companies by Google, Alibaba, or other B2B platforms.
  2. Sort out 5~8 potential companies for next round of evaluation.
  3. Visit those potential molding factories in person. and make a clear list on their facility, people, capabilities.
  4. Send a potential project to those sorted out moulding companies to have a quote. Then you can see how their cost will be.
  5. Do a systematic evaluation, and choose your ideal injection molding suppliers to cooperate.