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About Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services:


As you know, plastic injection molding is the most popular manufacturing process to obtain plastic components, as it provides precision dimension, high efficiency, and economical cost. This is why injection molding technology is widely used in the world for many different industries, like automotive, medical, consumer electronics, home appliances, and outdoor products.

A injection molding process is consists of injection machine, mold tooling, raw material, and operators. When a mold is clamped and closed on an injection machine, the melted material is shot through the injection channel onto the injection mold, then it take  seconds to cool down and solidify so as to obtain the desired plastic parts. Finally the part is dropped off by an ejection device from injection machine. This is how the whole plastic injection molding process is.

However the injection molding cost will vary lot from different factors.

  1. Different plastic material will affect the molding cost.(For example, PC, PPO, PC+ABS is expensive material, but PP,PS, PA is much cheaper)
  2. The heavier part weight, the higher cost will be
  3. The shorter injection cycle time, the cheaper molding cost will be
  4. The more cavity in the mold, the less injection molding will be
  5. Compared to double-shot molding and insert molding, a single molding will be much cheaper

Inno Molding is a precision custom plastic injection molding company in Shenzhen China. We offer high quality plastic mold making and precision injection molding services with unbeatable price. If you have any plastic project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.