picture of front cover mold

Front Cover

 About Plastic Mold Making of Front Cover:

This is a normal plastic injection part, the main concern is to make it flat and in good appearance. Since there are lots of features on the back of the case, which is easy to result in a sink mark issue. However we use hot runner system to avoid this defect.

We use NAK80 steel for the mold core and cavity, a top high quality mold steel in the market, so we can definitely guarantee clients high quality products.

For mold manufacturing, it takes about 30 days to get the mold ready for trial, and another 3 days to send samples for customer to review.

Injection Molding Service:

We have our own injection molding facility in house, and we provide customer contract manufacturing for plastic parts. At present, we have 30 sets of injection machine, 2 sets of CMM, and other inspection tools.

Our leadtime is about 6~15 days for most of orders. If you have any project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide high quality products at lowest cost.

picture of plastic injection switch bar

Switch Bar

About Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services:


As you know, plastic injection molding is the most popular manufacturing process to obtain plastic components, as it provides precision dimension, high efficiency, and economical cost. This is why injection molding technology is widely used in the world for many different industries, like automotive, medical, consumer electronics, home appliances, and outdoor products.

A injection molding process is consists of injection machine, mold tooling, raw material, and operators. When a mold is clamped and closed on an injection machine, the melted material is shot through the injection channel onto the injection mold, then it take  seconds to cool down and solidify so as to obtain the desired plastic parts. Finally the part is dropped off by an ejection device from injection machine. This is how the whole plastic injection molding process is.

However the injection molding cost will vary lot from different factors.

  1. Different plastic material will affect the molding cost.(For example, PC, PPO, PC+ABS is expensive material, but PP,PS, PA is much cheaper)
  2. The heavier part weight, the higher cost will be
  3. The shorter injection cycle time, the cheaper molding cost will be
  4. The more cavity in the mold, the less injection molding will be
  5. Compared to double-shot molding and insert molding, a single molding will be much cheaper

Inno Molding is a precision custom plastic injection molding company in Shenzhen China. We offer high quality plastic mold making and precision injection molding services with unbeatable price. If you have any plastic project to run, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

image of overmolding handle

Overmolding Handle

About overmolding and Insert Injection Molding Services:

Inno Molding is an expert injection molding company located in Shenzhen, with over 20 years of plastic mold and molding experience, we are capable of  precision plastic overmolding as well as insert molding services.

An overmolding technology can be identified as one kindly of plastic material is molded into another thermoplastic material to melt together to obtain a certain kind of plastic part. It is widely used for handles, touch bar, knobs in many different industries. Like automotive, medical, industrial, consumer electronics, and others.

When overmolding process, there are two molding actions should be performed as well as two separated injection molds will be used. normally the overmolding consists of hard plastic and soft plastic, like PC+TPE, ABS+TPU, PP+TPE, etc. and the hard plastic portion should be molded first, then the soft plastic will be molded by the second action.

Insert injection molding is similar to overmolding, but insert molding particularly combines metal and plastic material to form an individual component.

Insert molding normally use screws, pins, metal sheets,magnet or bearings to improve assembly and mechanical properties. Our insert moulding services are high skilled with unbeatable prices, allowing us to provide clients high quality and flexible services.

If you have any overmolding or insert injection molding to run, please feel free to contact Inno Molding team for help.




plastic injection molding cover for printer parts

Printer Cover

As China has the most numerous plastic injection molding companies in world. They are mainly located in Southern China and Eastern China, like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, etc. Those injection moulding suppliers used to work for domestic customers in China who need local and instant plastic injection moulding services. because of short distance from their customers, it’s very convenient to serve for quality and technical issues.

Along with China joined the WTO in 2008, more and more foreign enterprises invested their business in China, meanwhile the WTO is also a big challenge for most of Chinese factories as well as plastic injection moulding companies.It force some of injection molding manufacturers began to boost their business to worldwide(also called foreign trading)

When those injection moulding companies started to do foreign trading, internet is the most powerful tool for them.  Some of them really won good business by means of internet, like by Google, B2B site, and other platforms. here below are some steps how they worked:

Step 1: Get customer information and try to sell products or services to customer.

Step 2: Send quotation and invoice to customers.

Step 3: When customers placed an order, they send the project to factory to work

Step 4: Do normal communication with customers, and keep project tracked from factories.

Step 5: Shipping and project management service.

How to find a good plastic injection molding company ?

Since there are various kind of plastic injection molding manufacturers in China, it’s hard for most of foreigners to find a suitable molding suppliers. here below are some tips on how to do it right.

  1. Try to find 10~20 plastic injection molding companies by Google, Alibaba, or other B2B platforms.
  2. Sort out 5~8 potential companies for next round of evaluation.
  3. Visit those potential molding factories in person. and make a clear list on their facility, people, capabilities.
  4. Send a potential project to those sorted out moulding companies to have a quote. Then you can see how their cost will be.
  5. Do a systematic evaluation, and choose your ideal injection molding suppliers to cooperate.


sit stand of plastic mold

Sit Stand

Inno Molding is a high quality plastic injection molding company in Shenzhen China, we offer low cost and high quality mold making and injection molding services. it’s our mission to help customers make manufacturing cost down. actually compare European and US mold companies, our cost is as lower as 1/3 of they are to be while keeping the quality almost the same. This is why so many people want to source a Chinese local mold maker for their project.

Meanwhile we provide customer one stop manufacturing services from product design to final products manufacturing. It includes product design, mold making, plastic products manufacturing, assembly, testing and shipping.

All of our plastic mold and molded products are inspected by CMM before shipping, and we provide detail inspection report to customers for any project. So you don’t need to worry about the quality issue when you cooperate with us. If you are looking for a China plastic injection molding company, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free cost estimation.